Mental Health,
Beyond Medication.

The future of mental health with minimally invasive bioelectronics

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First pea-sized brain stimulator designed for humans

Precise brain stimulation with an implant that never touches the brain

Aspires to "Lift the fog" for people with depression
At-home stimulation engages brain network
Designed to be implanted in a 20-minute procedure

Get Well. Stay Well. Together.

We envision a world where everyone with a mental health disorder can get well and stay well, regardless of who you are, where you live, or how much money you make

What Patients Say

"I love that you can do it at home. You don’t have to go into a clinic. That’s fabulous."
"I’d try an implant in a heartbeat."

What Psychiatrists Say

"Imagine if you had to go to the hospital for an appointment twice a week or five times a week (for TMS). They all hate it. So they will jump at the possibility of not coming in person. If they could...continue at home, they would all go for it."
"This could really change the landscape. It could be like a first recommendation"
"I would say that we would offer this a little more heavily than we would offer Spravato"
We’ve partnered with academics and research instalaciones to further our mission

Our Team


In Federal Funding


Surgical Procedures


Years of Medtech Experience
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO
Led $18M DARPA program for minutely invasive BCI while directing largest neurotech lab at Rice University
Steve Goetz
Steve Goetz
26 years in Medtronic’s neuromodulation unit with over 116 patents issued
Sameer Sheth
Sameer Sheth, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder, CMO
Functional Neurosurgeon specializing in neuropsychiatric conditions
Sunil Sheth
Sunil Sheth, M.D.
Founder, Board Member
Interventional neurologist specializing in minimally invasive procedures
Julie Goode
Director of Clinical Affairs
Over 20 years in Neuromodulation in key roles in clinical research, operations, portfolio management, field engineering, and regulatory affairs
Kaiyuan Yang
Kaiyuan Yang
Co-Founder, Advisor
Leads the Secure and Intelligent Micro-Systems Lab at Rice to build miniaturized low-power electronics
Sanjay Mathew, M.D.
Director Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, Baylor College of Medicine
linda carpenter
Linda Carpenter, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Brown University
Patricio Riva-Posse, M.D.
Director, Interventional Psychiatry Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine
noah philips
Noah Philip, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University, Alpert Medical School

Building relief that lasts