Mental Health,
Beyond Medication.

The future of mental health with minimally invasive bioelectronics

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First pea-sized brain stimulator designed for humans

Precise brain stimulation with an implant that never touches the brain

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Aspires to "Lift the fog" for people with depression
At-home stimulation engages brain network
Designed to be implanted in a 20-minute procedure

Get Well. Stay Well. Together.

We envision a world where everyone with a mental health disorder can get well and stay well, regardless of who you are, where you live, or how much money you make

What Psychiatrists Say

"Imagine if you had to go to the hospital for an appointment twice a week or five times a week (for TMS). They all hate it. So they will jump at the possibility of not coming in person. If they could...continue at home, they would all go for it."
"This could really change the landscape. It could be like a first recommendation"
"I would say that we would offer this a little more heavily than we would offer Spravato"


Building relief that lasts